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    respect the skin, the planet and promotes local know-how

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Our mission at mélucia is to offer you skincare products that are made in a short circuit in Luxembourg, and that respect your skin and your environment.

A local approach

All our products are formulated and manufactured in Luxembourg, using local ingredients, sourced frompassionate farmers. By promoting a short supply chain, we are committed to:


Enhance the agricultural heritage and participate in the preservation of Luxembourg’s biodiversity, while offering new outlets to farmers.


Guarantee the freshness of the oils in order to take full advantage of their benefits.


Reduce the environmental impact of our products, by not importing ingredients from the other side of the planet.

A simple routine
& natural compositions

The skin does not need a lot of products to be healthy. That’s why we’ve built a simple and effective routine, with clean formulas that focus on the essentials. We have chosen to ban synthetic or controversial ingredients, to offer 100% natural origin products (and not 98% or 99,9%).


All our bottles are made of glass, a durable and recyclable material. Once the bottle is empty, you can either recycle it, or upcycle it to give it a second life, or send it back to us: they will then be cleaned, to be reused. Our boxes are made of cardboard from sustainably managed forests (FSC certified), and all our prints are made with vegetable inks. We are not perfect, but we keep thinking about new solutions to reduce our ecological impact.